Simple Questions Expats have just Before a decision to Move To Cuenca, Ecuador

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How Much does it cost on a monthly basis, and what does it take To Live Moderately In Cuenca?

Some expats wonder that living on monthly budget of $ 1200 dollars or less is possible for living in Cuenca, Ecuador.

There is a commonly belief that to live well in Cuenca you only need even less, orr about $800 a month. Unfortunately, we read that this is not impossible. Read on to find out the real cost of living in this popular expat place in Ecuador:

For most expats, who are generally over the 50 years of age range, it is neither practical nor comfortable to expect to live on $ 800 per month.


Given, that the average single expat generally spends and or lives on about $1,200 to $1,500 a month.   There are many opinions on costs of living in Cuenca. For example, Numbeo gives living expenses and also does it by city comparisons.

Another estimate comes from International Living which estimates the cost of living in Cuenca around $1600 a month for a couple. If you rent a moderate, furinsihed apartments, with certain amount of comfort, for a single person or couple, will cost you from $500 to $700 a month. People say that the lowest rents are on the outside of the city.

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Moving Expenses need to be figured out also

The “Gringo Post”, an expat virtual web site says “Keep in mind that in the process of moving to another country, you will have to deal with the significant expense of either furnishing your new place ( if you choose to rent unfurnished- which is normally cheaper) or having your belongings shipped from home”.

How much will you spend on food ?

Again, “Gringo Post” says: “Food is also a variable. If you  plan to cook at home most often, the things to consider are these: Will you be shopping at the national  grocery chain markets? Things tend to be more expensive in that case. Or will you be shopping at the open markets, where most locals shop and things are significantly cheaper?”

My wife usually shops at the open market where a small bundle of cilantro costs about .15 cents of a dollar. A Pineapple will cost your about $ 1.00 and a nice cold coconut water with its internal delicious meat will cost you from .50 cents to a $ 1.00 only. Of course, these prices will vary depending on who sells them and or where you get them from, again.

For a household of about 4 to 5 people, most people will get to spend around $300-$450 on food monthly, if you shop on the open markets. However, If you prefer to eat in restaurants instead of cooking at home, your monthly spending on food may be a little higher, perhaps by $ 1,000 or more.

For example an “almuerzo” which is a well stocked lunch which comes with soup, rice, meat (chicken or meat), fruit and a drink, will cost you from $ 2.50 to $3.50 per person.

Gringo Post ads, “The other thing to consider is what kind of entertainment you enjoy. Do you plan on making a lot of trips around Cuenca and Ecuador? Do you tend to spend a lot of money on alcohol, or the movies, or museums? While these things most likely cost considerably less than in your home country, they should still be taken into consideration when planning your monthly budget. Many events are free in Cuenca, and some of the best entertainment is sitting in one of the many parks, talking with the locals”.

The redeeming fact is that you can live in Ecuador with a comfortable budget of around $ 2,000 per month, as an expat. You can also live like most Ecuadorians and spend between $ 500 to $ 1,000 a month with a moderate live style