Can Ecuador become Another Venezuela in 2021 ?

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Ecuador– Another Venezuela ?

Absolutely if Correa returns !

A very disturbing possibility has been opened by a reputable editiorialist, Roberto López:

As if he had not done enough damage, one of the most corrupt and machiavellian politicians that ever lived (besides Hitler) could return to Ecuador to rule again over this peaceful, and rather almost naïve and kind people.

Will Ecuadorians allow this un-reverting perpetration to take place, or will it stop another demented politician to rule us for 10 or more years?

The culprit of many of Ecuador’s woes now lives and is running from the law in Europe, Belgium. Correa, the most corrupt president Ecuador ever had, has the idea that the could return to Ecuador if his sister Piorina, becomes the future ruler, president in 2021.

Please read on:

“Just seven months after Lenín took the presidency, Ecuador’s largest choro (thief) left the country. Naively it was believed that the amount of stolen money was just for the “colitas” or very minimum, but no one would have imagined the huge figure that he (Correa) actually stole. We know now.


I (Roberto Lopez) immediately wrote my article titled “A Choro Less, in which I stated”: “The perfect move was made and the message to us was sent: he never saved a penny so that we would not know how much we had. The savings are visible, the expense is not. …. The $60 billion debt is the exact amount of what was stolen.”


I, Roberto Lopez says, made no mistake, because then the (BID, Banco Internacional de Desarrollo)  confirmed the figure. Thus the debt was part of the lawful back-up to justify the departure of other not-so-angelic income, if the presidential planes were caught red handed outside of the country. It’s one thing to steal, another thing is to traffic. Let us remember the Chapito’s (Correa’s) statements that the bulk of his “exports” were coming out of here.

That’s also why he reached into the visible: the 8 billion dollars from the Banco Centreal del Ecuador that no one claims anymore.

The funds of the retirees, the teachers, the IESS and everything he could, he stole. No one needs that much. He can’t live up to spend it. Hence the answer to the question… for what is the use of such much silver? it was always simple: he always planned his return as “the savior of the homeland”.

The campaign of his “little sister”, Piorina in 2021 will be the most expensive in history thanks to the stolen money from Correa. His 28% real, the brazen expense over the CNE and the dozen candidates who will only take away from him an “innocuous” 1% from his candidacy, make possible his triumphal entry – and of course – his eternal return.

He will be immediately pardoned by his ñaña (sister) presidente, and with the perfect tool that is his powerful corrupt”guarantee” constitution of crime and impunity that he created, he can again devote to ‘forever’ and devote himself again to handle us and get us into another incredible debt… . In the meantime, we’ll (us credulous citizens and the corrupt politicians that will back him up- who now make up the Revolucion Cuidadana Party) probably make 2 cat licks to the Constitution instead of writing one that prevents all of these and this thief from returning again.

“Let’s play in the woods that the wolf isn’t here. When I get back… He’ll eat us”.

Let us hope the all of us Ecuadorians decidedly block this guy’s sinister return so that he can not simply return to make us and turn us into yet another Venezuela, the one that we missed when we wisely threw him out in these past elections !



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