According to experts of the law: “There is no longer any justification for keeping Assange’s asylum”

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According to international law experts, Assange has “violated all the norms of international law. His last shot in collaboration with Correa, (the recent ex-president now a fugitive of Ecuador accused of kidnapping and attempted murder, residing in Belgium), was to the existing President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno”.

This was pointed out by two experts in international politics interviewed by Public FM: María Paz Jervis, dean of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of the SEK University, and Carlos Estarellas, doctor in Jurisprudence, professor and analyst of International Politics”.


“According to Estarellas, different conventions on asylum such as Caracas or Montevideo indicate that the asylee, in this case the founder of WikiLeaks, can not make public statements and even worse against the State that offers protection or against its President”.

Furthermore, they concur: “They should never given Assange asylum because he is not a politically persecuted person, he had common judgments and violated secret information”, in addition to unanswered crime(s) in other countries.

The two experts agree that the solution should be quick because there is no longer any justification for his political asylum. However, the Foreign Ministry will have to define the most appropriate ways to end this situation that has been “a dark cloud of Ecuadorian diplomacy and foreign policy,” said Jervis.

According to these experts, “Assange joined a conspiracy of a group to destabilize Moreno’s government. “That is a violation of all asylum rules”.

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