American, Paul Ceglia, will not be extradited to USA for now

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However, this may not be for long.

Mark Zuckerberg and the US would have to wait much longer to obtain criminal penalties against the defendant Paul Ceglia, who left the U.S.A about 3 years ago.

In Ecuador, Paulina Aguirre, president of the National Court of Justice (CNJ), did not accept the extradition process for Paúl Ceglia. Paúl Ceglia, a citizen of North American and Irish nationality, faces criminal proceedings against the Facebook company, for alleged crime of electronic and postal fraud.

The lawyer explained that the defendant has 45 days to present evidence, in order to prove that the request for extradition does not proceed.

His attorney said, “The judge has not accepted the request for extradition and continues the process established by law, which allows us to present evidence in 45 days and claim that the requirements for this measure included in the treaties with the U.S”.

The jurist also announced that he will request the habeas corpus (measure to avoid arrest) for his defendant here in Ecuador. He explained that the notification states that the defendant must remain detained. However, his attorney stated that Paúl Cegila arrived in Ecuador in 2015, in order to seek protection from the Ecuadorian State.

On Thursday, August 23, he was arrested in Santa Elena and later transferred to the Provisional Detention Center (CDP), north of Quito.

Last Saturday, in the morning hours, the extradition request hearing was held in the facilities of the Corte Nacional de Justicia.

It is not known what were or will be the reactions of the US, which has been searching for him for more than 3 years after leaving that country and having skipped a $ 250,000 bail put up by his mother and brother.

“The Marshals had been looking for Ceglia, who jumped bail ( $ 250,000 ) bond guaranteed by his brother and his parents, and they offered a $ 5,000 reward for information that led to the arrest of Ceglia.”

According to an English speaking Ecuadorian digital newspaper,

“A U.S. national living in Cuenca said Ceglia may have been involved illegal internet activities while he was in Ecuador. “He asked to me on several occasions to help him hack into bank accounts,” said the man, who asked not to be identified. “When I refused, he told me he would find someone else to help him.”

Calderon, his attorney, said “Ceglia chose to live in Ecuador because of its track record for defending human rights. Ceglia has also filed a petition with the court challenging the legality of his arrest. Ceglia was moved to a safer wing within the jail in northern Quito where he’s locked up.” This was a prevention procedure as Ceglia said he feared for his life, the attorney said.

At present he still in jail.

According to people who had worked for him or with Ceglia in Ecuador, they believe Ceglia was engaged in money-laundering activities using Bitcoin markets. Also, it appears they have found evidence that Ceglia was transacting arms purchases and sales.



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