Another bus accident in Loja – Cariamanga

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17 people injured

At 05:33 AM, this Tuesday, August 28, an alert call came through the unique emergency line, 9-1-1, which reported a traffic accident that occurred on the Loja – Cariamanga road, Tierras Coloradas sector, Calvas canton.

In this incident 17 people were reported injured, according to the report of the institutions that attended the emergency. The ECU911, has not reported yet any serious injuries. More to come later.

The ECU911 (the Local Operating Center ECU 911 Loja), coordinated in a timely manner, the delivery of personnel and specialized equipment from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP). The National Police and the Calvas Fire Department (CBC), provided respective attention to all of the affected.

Paramedics from the MSP and the CBC were in charge of providing medical assistance to all 17 injured people, who were evaluated and transferred to the hospital in Cariamanga to receive specialized care.

National Police personnel reported that the accident involved the overturning of a public transport bus. The bus was moved to the vehicular retention yards to continue with investigations and determine the causes of the incident.

The Local Operative Center ECU 911 Loja invites citizens to drive with caution, always respecting the speed limits established. And to slow down !


PHOTOS: courtesy Carimanga Fire Department