Missed by the skin of our teeth

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Part of this Editorial was extracted and taken from the Universo.com

Maybe it’s hard for us to accept it, or some may think it’s an exaggeration, but if there’s one thing we should be clear about, it’s that our country escaped, or missed by “the skin of our teeth”, a similar tragedy as that of Venezuela.

We were very, very close to running the same fate of those Venezuelans, and sunk in the same swamp of misery in which they fell and from which it does not seem that they will leave in the near future.


With an aggravating circumstance: Maduro (first) and our ex-dictator (second) had in common the fact that they had turned their nations into a den of corruption, where a gang of raiders turned shamelessly rich. The first shines for his stupidity, while the second for its evilness.

The first one has had all the time in the world to show his ignorance, while the other (Correa) lacked time to inflict all the evil he wanted to our country. If anyone has any doubt about the degree of malevolence of our former dictator would do, it is enough to see his recent teleconference before the commission that investigates the murder of General Gabela.

Between laughter (Machiavellian) and ridicule, he brought out again his well-known song (cantaleta) that “I do not remember and do not remember.”

This was and continues to be, not only a real insult to the intelligence of Ecuadorians-but it was also evident that he was lying, that he was lying shamelessly; that he always knew that this murder was a crime gestated for political reasons, to silence the complaint of corruption – which would later be confirmed – and that despite all this he chose to cover up its perpetrators.

And the same can be said about the kidnapping of the ex-ambassador Balda.

The personality that emerges from these episodes and, in general, from the way this individual behaved from power is that this is a subject drowned in resentments who sought to sow them in Ecuadorian society at the point of insults and corruption.

It is now evident that during his presidency, not only himself but others,  were unjustly  enriched and that under their dictatorship public institutions were pulverized until they became pawns of their desires as a consequence of their twisted mind, and design.

At one time, this guy (Correa) expressed his satisfaction for the Cuban exodus. Today, however is shamelessly silent about the Venezuelan tragedy. We Ecuadorians should not forget that during the past decade we were close to running the same fate of those two beautiful nations. (O). We missed the same fate by the “skin of our teeth.”

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Part of this editorial was taken from the editorial by: Hernán Pérez Loose. See the original article in the link below.