Correato’s Resounding Fall during last Elections

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“The only important thing about the recent elections is the resounding fall of the correísta gang”.

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“While Abdalá (a previously debunked president) governed only 6 months, the correísmo governed for ten years, assaulted the treasury and embroiled in the state apparatus an army of lackeys”.

Hernan Perez continues, “But the PRE (Abdalá)- absent from the country its leader – won an important vote in the sectional elections that took place after the coup d’état of 1997, and in the presidential elections of 1998 lost it by very little”.

However, with the ” correísmo something similar has not happened. Nor by far. After a decade in power and afer winning virtually all the elections, the results of last week are very poor, even if we take into account what happened in Quito-an eloquent expression of the labyrinth in which their own elites find themselves”.

“All the hustle and bustle they created over the return of the correísta ghost and the hysteria of his impending takeover of the Participation Council proved unfounded. The null and empty vote swept as a clear expression of rejection of the Correista dictatorship, but also of indifference and confusion”.

The only thing that can revive the mafia that governed us for a decade is if any of the leaders of today, in an effort to improve their chances, came to agree with that small remaining gang in order to ensure the support of their “bases”. (Mr. Perez, may mean the Mayor of Quito, in this example who is an original sympathizer or Correa-italics ours)

“And the only thing that can permanently bury that mafia is that its leaders are prosecuted and forced to return to the country what was stolen, as is happening in other nations of the region”. (OR)

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