Ecuador has it all. A little bit of everything

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Salinas, Guayaquil, Playas, Galapagos

There is a nice museum just outside provincial capital Santa Elena, called the Museo Los Amantes de Sumpa. Here, you will see the remains of something like 200 skeletons that were unearthed at this particular site in the 1970s.

The unearthing of skeletons gave up what some started calling the “Lovers of Sumpa”. You can see the skeleton of a man and a woman found in what could be dated to an 8,000-year-old embrace. I have asked my wife to embrace me for ten thousand years, still and more.

There is a hug contrast between old and new when you visit the nearby resort of Salinas. Salinas resembles, in its own South American type of way to Miami Beach. This is the town claimed by Guayaquil’s rich set.

Salinas, is still a comparatively expensive resort that two beautiful beaches. At times, during high season, Salinas has thumping nightlife, especially between December and April.

Salinas has changed significantly in the past 20 years. At one time it was a rundown waterfront which regenerated through the effort of people from Guayaquil. Some say, it has won a UN development awards in the process.

In the city of Guayaquil, about 2 hours from Salinas, there is a waterfront, called the Malecón which offers a range of historical monuments, where artisan markets and botanical gardens can be easily seen.

Guayaquil, is about 2 hours from Salinas. It has a lot to see including a small town like called Las Peñas. “The climb through the artistic district of Las Peňas to the lighthouse at the top is another highlight, while the harbour and promenade of Puerto Santa Ana is the latest addition to the waterfront scene.”

Don’t leave town without seen the famous Iguana Park, located beneath the neo-gothic cathedral, where iguana roam free.

There are other places to see between Guayaquil and Salinas. “The closest beach resort to Guayaquil is the vibrant Playas, as unpretentious as its name which in reality it really means beaches. At weekends in high season, between Christmas and Easter, it gets packed with people from the city escaping the heat.”

Ecuador has a lot of diversity, it is said to contain 10% of the world’s biodiversity. You have a lot to explore when you get here.

Contributed by present expats. We have been living in Ecuador for the past 14 years. We lived in Punta Blanca where we had a home.