Why the Violence in Ecuador and all over the World !

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Ecuadorian and American education are and have created value-void and intellectually bankrupt children and “leaders”

Talking heads all over Ecuador wonder why the amount of violence that took place in recent demonstrations and question the reason for amount of disregard for the law and destruction of their own country for 11 days this past month.

An indigenous leader, Jaime Vargas, who offended the dignity of a person by calling him “patojo de mierda”, with complete lack of sincerity said:

“Si haber usado ese lenguaje requiere que yo me disculpe, lo acepto y lo hago con todas las personas a quienes esto haya ofendido de forma particular”, dice en la publicación. (If having used the language of insult I used requires that I apologize, I will do so”).

Obviously, not a real apology but a “forced statement”.

Thousands of un-informed young people (such as the Latin Kings gang) here in Ecuador, others such as Jaime Vargas, and other indigenous leaders (for example: Yaku Pérez, Leonidas Iza),  wash their hands with political smoke curtains, and millions of millennials in the USA, and the entire world, claim that socialism is good, in spite of millions people being murdered at the hands of socialists (https://4pelagatos.com/2019/10/21/lo-mas-importante-hoy-es-que-no-exista-impunidad/).

Greta Thunberg, and other precocious adolescent girls claim to be frozen in fear because the globe is “warming.”

Pedantic professors in some “liberal and socialist leaning” universities here in Ecuador and in the USA claim to be proponents of open inquiry while they silence and censure all dissent and all inquiry that doesn’t agree with their views.

They demand academic freedom for themselves while they silence all who dare disagree, including all media (“prensa corrupta” as they call the media). Intellectual liberty is crushed. Ideological fascism is king. Only they have the <<truth>>.

Social instigators claim to be part of the ruling party although only 8% of the population, they want to rule over the remaining 92% of the country.

Feminists deny the feminine. Little sayings such as “Woman is not synonym with birth” are written all over Cuenca, Ecuador in an effort to promote feminism that they think the world applauds.

Social Activists, Most politicians and Liars deceive while condemning those who lie.

Colluders condemn collusion while they collude.

Arrogant athletes, prefects- such as the one from Cuenca – claim that Ecuador’s present economic policies that the United States of America is bad, while China’s, Venezuela, and Cuba’s socialism is good.

It is happening here in Ecuador and all over the USA.

They empathize with antifa while maligning those fighting for freedom in Hong Kong.

They bow to the red and yellow of a communist regime while they, the vandals, corrupt politicians and “educators” wrap themselves with the Ecuadorian flag, and kneel in protest before the same flag or the USA red, white and blue of their constitutional republic.

An entire generation smugly (tongue in cheek) tells us that they can’t tolerate our intolerance and that they hate hateful people- while they themselves destroy our country, hate those who disagree, and pass laws to take down our sensible values.

With zero self-awareness, they double-down on dumb and shout that they are sure nothing is sure, that they know nothing can be known, and they are absolutely confident there are no absolutes. They are totally confused.

Media talking-heads from -El Universo, El Expreso, El Comercio, El Mercurio, Cuenca HighLife (an english speaking newspaper in Cuenca)- all liberal and pseudo conservative newspapers, pander to the rainbow (homosexual flag) cabal and teach their readers that humans ascended from animals, the theory of “devolucion”, as if to show the world that they are ahead of the news and modern “science”.

Posturing as proponents of science, they ignore the elementary facts of biology and genetics. They teach untruthful science, negating the true facts of genes, physics, chemistry and mathematics- that we evolved- instead of the fact that information such as that found in our genes- can never evolve.

Claiming to be “smarter-than-us” they listen to poorly informed children and ignore thoughtful adults. They deny God while worshiping themselves.

Progressive politicians and indigenous leaders here in Ecuador, do not understand the politics of the USA. They hate a conservative presidents such as Trump, but love the bandwagon the whole world is riding by hating Mr. Trump.

Nevertheless, they love Obama, the architect of some of the worst laws ever passed in the USA as regards against religious freedom and conservative -Judeo-Christian- values.

Ecuadorian newspaper editorialists smile smugly because in Ecuador as, in the USA,  the number of drug addicts and homeless they have in their streets while they condemn the government, and conservatives for not granting more taxes to stop crime now rampant on every street.

In the USA, and some parts of Guayaquil, Ecuador sidewalks are littered with human feces in the name of human rights. Children dodge dirty needles while walking to schools that teach them nothing is wrong and nothing is right.

How did we get here? The answer is simple. The blame lies with education.

If you teach your children nonsense for decades, it should not surprise you that you suddenly live in a culture that has no sense.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “the philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will become the philosophy of the government in the next.”

Richard Weaver told us, “ideas have consequences.” Your grandmother said, “Garbage in, garbage out.” There is no such thing as a neutral idea. All ideas are directional.

Good ideas lead to good culture, good community, good corporations and good kids. Bad ideas lead to the opposite. As Barack Obama’s pastor once said, “The chickens come home to roost.” All ideas have consequences. All ideas bear fruit.

We are where we are today because of education. Bad education.

The fault for the fake and rabid nightly news lies with our colleges, universities and our public schools. But the blame also lies with us. We, as parents and other citizens who support these broken schools, with our tuition and tax dollars, need to wake up and face reality.

Until we stop sending our kids off to intellectually bankrupt schools, and allow the government to teach our children that we “ascended” from animals, we can expect nothing other than an intellectually and values bankrupt culture.

In the USA, why would anyone want their son or daughter to incur massive debt to spend four years (or more) in what amounts to a politically correct indoctrination camp? Why is mortgaging the family farm to send your child off to intellectual gulag of snowflake fascism a good idea?

The fault is ours. Why do we continue to vote for school bonds and throw more money at teachers who elevate LGBTQ over the ABCs, here in Ecuador and all over the world?

Why do we remain silent when our children seem to know more about condoms, homosexual equality marriages, abortion, than the U.S. and the Ecuadorian Constitution?

Why do we shrug in silence when they can tell us more about drag queens than the (4th of July Declaration of Independence) or the independence from Spain on 9 de Octubre en Guayaquil ?

The only solution is to stop supporting this nonsense.

We take active role in our children’s education. We write corrective and respectful feedback when we feel that the school system is teaching them wrong science, be it political, values or anything that contradicts our Judeo-Christian values.

We don’t expect the school to to change, but we complain to the school teachers, principals and patiently teach our children about what is correct and what is wrong with their science and their values.

We spend a lot of time educating ourselves for this reason. We do not accept “gato por liebre”. We don’t let fake science become our children’s education as axioms.

It is really quite simple: If you want a moral culture, then stop paying for your kids to be taught by those who mock morality.

If your school is woke, it’s a joke.

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Isaias 5:20

  • The co- editor of this article is a former adjunct professor for various universities in the USA and in Ecuador.