Everything Happens for a Reason

A tiny ladybug landing on you is considered a sign of good luck! Blessings do come in all shapes and sizes.
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By Sadie Holloway


The key to experiencing more joy starts with two words: thank you!

The key to calming emotional turbulence and developing a positive outlook on life starts the moment you learn how to say “Thank you” with sincerity and without the expectation of anything in return. You can say thanks directly to the person or organization that you appreciate. Or you can give thanks to your Spiritual Higher Power through prayer or silent blessings.

Noticing what’s right and abundant in your life is far more productive than dwelling on what seems to be going wrong. We are what we focus on and if we focus on what makes us happy and brings us joy, we will naturally see more of that in our daily lives.


Nothing is ever too small to appreciate.

We all get excited and feel optimistic when grand things happens to us: a job promotion, an unexpected sum of money lands in our laps, or we meet someone who changes our lives forever. It’s easy to notice those major life events and feel the need to give thanks.

But sometimes the things that are most worthy of your gratitude are not things at all; they are states of being or emotional or physiological qualities. For example, when was the last time you noticed or appreciated the fact that you have relatively strong reading and writing skills? Imagine how difficult it would be to get through your day if you couldn’t read a medicine bottle or the directions on a street sign.

To foster a positive outlook, give thanks for both the little and big blessings you are given in life (I).


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Sadie Holloway is a blogger who believes in the power of simple gratitude to change lives and foster happier, healthier relationships.