Pope Francis facing pressure to resign

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The Catholic Church is not the only one accused of pedophilia and homosexual abuse

Pope Francis under pressure to resign, as many claim that he has actually overlooked and sometimes, even encouraged sexual abuse cover up by priests all over the world, especially lately, in the U.S.A and Chile.

According to an article written by Elizabeth Llorente of Fox News there is an increasing amount of pressure for the Pope to leave his post.

The Catholic Church is reeling after a grand jury report in Pennsylvania found that possibly more than 1,000 children in six dioceses had been sexually abused by about 300 priests or higher ranking officials.

On top of that, the report said that bishops and other top church officials had tried to contain the public outcry and liability by covering up the crimes, which Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro claimed “went all the way to the Vatican.”

But the report, and the Vatican’s subsequent tepid response, has exposed a split within the Holy See which threatens to bring down Pope Francis just five years after he replaced Pope Benedict XVI.

Several days after the news broke and dominated U.S. headlines, the Vatican released a statement. Using uncharacteristically strong language for the Vatican, even on such serious issues as child abuse, the Holy See spokesman said to victims that “the pope is on their side.”

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the incidents of abuse graphically documented in the grand jury report were “betrayals of trust that robbed survivors of their dignity and their faith.”

“The church must learn hard lessons from its past, and there should be accountability for both abusers and those who permitted abuse to occur,” he said.

But for many Catholics and long-time Vatican observers, the acknowledgment of the criminal behavior was too little, too late.

An agnostic and atheist group who is heading the call for the Pope’s resignation put out an ad that said:

“Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all,” the ad says. “Six dioceses, three hundred predatory priests, a staggering 1,000-plus victims. No bishops indicted. The pope’s response? All words, no action — except, insultingly, to call on the faithful to ‘pray and fast.’”

This is a very serious accusation by all counts.

Fox news article continues “Gibson said that Francis, admittedly, has been on a learning curb as far as dealing with a decades-old crisis of sex abuse by priests and high-ranking church officials.”

For an unknown reason, originally in Chile “Francis defended a bishop in his home country who was accused by victims of knowing about and ignoring abuse they suffered. Then, he did an about-face, practically forcing Chilean bishops to resign for their “grave defects” in handling the abuse reports.”

The Catholic Church is not the only religion plagued by homosexual abuse by its rank and file, including its high level officials.

Image courtesy of FoxNews.com

According to SilentLams.org an organization that keeps an eye on the Jehovah’s Witnesses homosexual and pedophilia abuse, comes the following : “The governing body of the Jehovah’s Witness church received another rebuke this week by a state appeals court for “obstinately” refusing to turn over internal documents about knowledge of church leaders who have been accused of sexually abusing children.”

“The ruling, filed Thursday by the 4th District Court of Appeal, upholds a $4,000-a-day penalty against Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York for its failure to comply with a court order in a lawsuit filed by a man who claimed to have been molested in the 1990s.”

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Members of the CuencaGazette.com have also testified that they have been homosexually accosted by the members at the headquarters of the governing body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The same members of this newspaper have witnessed close family members abused by “elders” and “ministerial servants” a designation within the church similar to that of a priest.

Jose Lopez, at right, discusses his lawsuit against the governing body of Jehovah’s Witness, with his lawyer, Irwin Zalkin, in 2014.

Picture courtesy of www.silentlambs.org and Kristina Davis

 Is there any difference ?

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim there is no distinction between lay and clergy, however that is not true according to members who have spoken under anonymity.

According to http://silentlambs.org/ there are thousands of children of Jehovah’s Witnesses and adults that have been abused by “elders” and other in position of authority at that organization.

Known associates of this digital newspaper, who worked at the Watchtower, JW.org organization, have personally witnessed molestation and pressure from the part of older members, to the young men in their late teens. Some of them came to serve (work) at the headquarters of the Watchtower Society, and got duped by deceit into homosexual activity by older and trusted members of that organization (Bethel Elders).

It appears that many religions practice, albeit secretly, homosexual acts, and hide themselves behind the facade of piousness.

Ironically, the book that religion uses as its textbook, both abhors and prohibits any homosexual activity (Lev 18:22).

The above mentioned associates tell us, they never lost their faith in God, they simply lost their faith in organized religion. They stopped associating with the Watchtower society and are now members of a clean group of godly oriented people.





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