Schools in Ecuador Made in Hell, thanks to Correa, Patiño and China

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Schools made in hell

By Milton Luna

“What is Chinese is bad” say the students of the School of the 21st Century ”  “Responsible? El correato and his education ministers.”

Correa and Patiño’s signatures are written all over these schools

“This school is a little over a year old and it falls apart … it’s prefabricated and built by the Chinese. Everything is damaged. Since it was delivered, everything was wrong. It was noticeable that it was made in a hurry and with bad materials. It looked pretty … wide … but after a few weeks the floor was broken, holes were made, in addition, if it rains, it’s soapy, … the teachers fall, the students who run and play, slip. We have had accidents. “

“This is being said, with indignation, by the man teachers and women teachers of the so called ” School of the 21st Century “, at the province in the Coast, and the teachers, overcoming a certain fear that was left from fearing Correa, after ten years of harassment, continue in their relief: “Inside, the school is a devil … it’s a greenhouse …”

“After ten or eleven o’clock in the morning, with the sun rays stronger, the heat is unbearable, we, as teachers, can not stand it, the students get desperate, the heat eats our bodies and our brains … There is no air conditioning in The classrooms, the fans, where they exist, are badly located and others are not good, we do what we can in the classes, we change activities … But in the playground you can not go … to the worst court … The sun is there … There is no trees, there is nowhere to shelter, there are no decks, it is impossible to teach less to learn. “

“I would like the Chinese to come to give classes in these small classrooms where we have to teach no less than 40 students, in total the institution has 1,000 students in the morning and another 1,000 in the afternoon.”

“But the problems do not remain there in this hell, not only because of the heat, but because of the growing decomposition of a school that little by little resembles a concentration camp, the water pump is frequently damaged, the toilets are a disgust, the channeling does not work. “

Its “Unhygienic cisterns, and in the walls that are made of flex foam,” rats have appeared, which can be heard eating and walking while we are in class “.

“And the painful complaints are endless … Schools of terror built at damn with very high costs to the country: About,  USD 1 million each, built without pedagogical concept, without major planning or soil studies, done taking advantage of the urgency of the earthquake.”

“Responsible, Correa, and his education ministers.” Including Patiño.

“The current minister, Dr. Falconí has ​​taken steps to stop and unclog the sewer, he has terminated the contract with the Chinese, among other actions, and must continue in this vein so that the national officials responsible for the fraud are also prosecuted. However, students and teachers go to these schools of hell every day and there is also a need to intervene.

“What is Chinese is bad,” the students of the 21st Century Schools say.”

Source: Italics ours.


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