The inevitable is here. Super gasoline now costs now $ 3. dollars.

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Everyone was waiting for it until the inevitable arrived.

President Moreno said, (when making a study of the way that Correa left to the economy of the country), the following, “I received an economically bankrupt country with a total debt of 60,000 million dollars”.

With these words of President Lenin Moreno began tightening the belt, and design an economic adjustment in the country’s economic apparatus. This ultimately led to an increase in super gasoline to $ 2.98. Previously that gasoline was sold for only $ 2 per gallon.

The general secretary of the presidency, Eduardo Jurado, recently, made the official announcement of the rise in the price of that brand of gasoline, and also added by saying that its quality will be improved, from 90 octane will go to 92.

Eduardo Jurado clarified that the government is not going to touch, or raise the price of diesel used for transport. The government has decided that the subsidy of diesel for the business sector will be maintained.