Vivanco: Correa, from a powerful dictator to scaredy cat !

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Vivanco and Boscán: Correa a Powerful Dictator to a Guy who is scared to death of his own shadow

Correa aggressively attacks two Ecuadorian journalists, Eduardo Vivanco and Anderson Boscán.
The police of Belgium Investigates again physical aggressions on the part of Correa and his henchmen.

“Journalism can not abstain from calling a corrupt, corrupt, say Vivanco and Boscan.”

"Hemos pasado de tener un gran dictador, tirano y controlador del Estado, a un tipo asustado y aterrado, encerrado en una madrigera, con miedo a dos muchachos con un celular"
“Hemos pasado de tener un gran dictador, tirano y controlador del Estado, a un tipo asustado y aterrado, encerrado en una madrigera, con miedo a dos muchachos con un celular”


Vivanco tell that Correa as a man in the midst of panic, lonely, terrified by two cell phones. This is how they describe Correa in a recent investigative trip to Belgium.

According to Eduardo Vivanco and Anderson Boscan of the program “Que Vaina”, Correa was a mobster, now full of panic, that still uses fanatics, and violent gangs to protect him in Belgium. To them he is nothing more than a vulgar gang member. now describes Correa, as the despot, former dictator and arrogant, and a thief of the State money, who stole money from others,  and as an enthusiastic delinquent who tries to attack journalism from his small apartment in Belgium.

Vivanco describes Correa’s apparent frugality: It seems that he now lives a poor life because it is not be the time yet to show how much he plundered and what he took out of the country during his 10 years of corruption.

According to Vivanco and Bascon,  this man lives outside the justifiable limits, since a person with modest incomes, with a pension of only $ 5,000 dollars a month, that he receives from Ecuador, could not pay 50 thousand euros a month for personal protection.

In this sense, only the prime minister of Belgium and Correa are the only ones who have this kind of private protection in Belgium, said Anderson Boscán.

Neither do they understand, how he could travel permanently with the amount of 5,000 dollars a month that he receives from the Ecuadorian State. Where, then do you get that kind of money for all these extravagant expenses? They ask ?

Correa is not stupid, they say. But according to the interviewees, the little man was never popular, until he became a tyrant during his ten years of power in Ecuador.

According to Eduardo Vivanco and Anderson Boscán, the guy is nobody in Lovaina, and much less in Brusséls, Belgium. The guy is insignificant in Belgium, contrary to what he was once here with the Ecuadorians who had chosen him.

Correa is still the Maton del Barrio (the local neighborhood ganster). The Belgian police even went to his apartment to ask for an interview for the Ecuadorian journalists, and Correa cowardly denied them, according to Boscán. So, there is no media blockage as the former dictator refers to Ecuador.

“We have gone from having a great dictator, tyrant and controller of the State, to a frightened and terrified guy, locked in a attic hole, with fear of two boys with a cell phone,” said the journalist of La Posta, Eduardo Vivanco, of the former president. of the Republic, Rafael Corréa.

Alfonso Pérez, uno de los creadores de la Operación ‘Qué Vaina’,


During an interview in Frontal-Mente, conducted by Alfonso Pérez, one of the creators of Operation ‘Qué Vaina!’, He highlighted that Correa maintains an elite security that costs more than 50 thousand Euros per month, which are possibly partially paid by Putin from Russia and or from stolen money that he took out of Ecuador.

For the journalist the most important conclusion of this investigative journalistic trip is that the image of the ex dictator, changed radically.

Boscán believes that the former head of state was “a mafioso and now a vulgar gang member.”

How does Correa live?

The journalists reported that the ex dictator does not live in a mansion as many think.
Vivanco states that Correa resides in an apartment less than 120 sq. meters (about 1300 sq.ft.) and does not show, for the moment, an opulent life.

According to journalists, Correa is also an uncomfortable neighbor for the police in Belgium.

Find out in the video what were the results of the operation “¡Qué vaina!” with which they managed to collect money to travel to Belgium (in less than 23 hours) in order to tell “what the ex- president of the Republic does and does not do”.