What does Ecuador’s city of Cuenca Offer You

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According to International Living.com:

“A little distance away from Ecuador’s famed colonial city of Cuenca lies a small city that you might never have heard of…but which is rapidly becoming a retiree favorite.

Just about an hour away from Cuenca, you’ll find Paute, a destination with a population of about 30,000 people—a tenth of Cuenca’s population. It’s fast becoming known as “Little Cuenca” as more “Norte Americanos” are finding their way to the outskirts of the city with its laidback lifestyle.

Randy and Karen Kimbler are just two of the expats who are enjoying the slower pace of life in Paute.

The Kimblers first discovered Ecuador in 2008 when they came to visit their friends in Cuenca who were avid travelers. They stayed for two weeks and fell in love with the colonial architecture of Cuenca. “It gave me heart-stopping joy every time I saw the buildings,” says Karen.

So, in 2008, they moved to Cuenca at the ages of 53 for Karen (a “youngster” in the retirement world) and 57 for Randy.

They really enjoyed all that Cuenca had to offer, but as time wore on, they realized that it wasn’t their ideal retirement destination, particularly when it came to Cuenca’s constant spring-like weather, which averages in the 50s F at night and the low 70s F during the day year-round.  Image courtesy of Bing.com

“I was tired of the cooler weather in Cuenca,” Karen explains. Paute, though it’s only an hour away from Cuenca, lies at a lower altitude in a valley, meaning it enjoys a subtropical temperature, ideal for growing everything from roses (one of Ecuador’s biggest exports) to sugar cane to fruits like bananas, papayas, and mangoes”.



What Ecuador’s “Little Cuenca” Can Offer You