Some well meaning people are confused: Darwin’s Finches demonstrate Natural Selection, not Evolution

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Did Darwin’s Finches Prove Evolution?

Evolutionists have falsely extrapolated simple cyclical variations into evolutionary change.

Evolutionists confuse  the process of “Natural Selection” with “Evolution”.

These are two different incongruent, non-convergent processes.

One means simply reversable change, while the other assumes complete transformation of the species and their DNA structure- something impossible, regardless of billions of years of “experimentation” and or “adaptation”.

Some, well meaning, evolutionist minded writers even claim that it is “too hard” to understand evolution.

Mr. Kleeble, for example, from Cuenca HighLife said, “Forget any idea that evolution is simple, like Darwin’s finches developing different beak shapes to maximise local food opportunities”. (Mr. John Keeble is a former Guardian and London Evening News journalist according to the digital newspaper). (Cuenca HighLife, Keeble, Sept 23, 2019).

Mr. Kleeble adds that: “It is far more complicated. Any evolution of the body exists in a stew of mental and environmental changes too…”.

What did Mr. Kleeble mean?

Respectfully, to Mr. Kleeble, that’s is another way of saying ” I really don’t know how evolution took place, but you still must believe it, even if we, writers and “scientists” don’t understand it”.

Mr. Kleeble said,  that, “we are only 1.2 per cent different from chimpanzees” (Kleeble, 2019).

Nevertheless, science speaks diffeently. The fact is that we are closer to a banana genetically than to chimpanzees.

Does that mean that came from a banana or that we resemble their genetic makeup ? (Get Science Staff, 2017)

Please note that :

“Like a written language, the human DNA code is based on four chemical “letters”—A, T, G, and C—that can be arranged in various ways to carry biologically relevant information. The linear sequence of these letters is about 3 billion chemical letters long, and in 2001, scientists first elucidated much of the order of letters in this sequence. Since then, many other studies have attempted to catalog how these 3 billion letters differ amongst the different ethnic populations around the world” (Jeanson, 2015).

What doe that mean ?

“Careful re-tallying of the numbers in the original paper describing the initial elucidation of the chimpanzee DNA sequence suggests that the two species are only ~89% identical, not 1.2 difference, but 11% difference (as Keeble erroneously suggests).

But, you may ask, what difference does it make. 11% or 1.2%, aren’t they almost the same when it comes to genetics?

The answer comes when we realize the enormity of the numbers and its difference, if humans and chimpanzees are 89% identical or 11% different, this is a gigantic genetic gap. Eleven percent of 3 billion is 330 million  letters or neuclotides, ATGC. (Jeanson on September 17, 2015).

Thus, we know now that “evolutionists” and its supporters are confused over the real science and issues that surround the obvious answer.

Additionally, there are thousands of scientists today with professional degrees that go from Masters to Ph.D’s in all of the sciences, that fully disagree with “evolution” and trust in an intelligent sources as the creator of man (Echeverria, 2017).

John K.G. Kramer,  a well know biochemist said: “ I am delighted to see that scientists are becoming brave and pointing out the inconsistency of evolutionary thought, and suggesting that “intelligent design” might be a better conclusion to explain the physical and biological world”. (Dr. Kramer is a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He holds a B.S. (Hons) from the University of Manitoba, an M.S. in biochemistry from the University of Manitoba, a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota and completed three years of post-doctoral studies as a Hormel fellow at the Hormel Institute and as an NRC fellow at the University of Ottawa).

So, what do people who use “natural selection” or “not well understood evolution” as their belief system as proof of evolution fail to know ?

Apparently they do not know the facts, choose to ignore them, and or minimize the fact that their sources are inaccurate.

For example, the “popular” digital encyclopedia “Wikipedia” incorrectly teams archeological findings which are totally irrelevant and not related to each other. They erroneously, insert Homo Habilis (an “ape category” specimen), Homo Floresiensis (a human with Down Syndrome), and Homo Naledi (a chimp species) all as part of the human predecessors. They are not.

Thus, “evolutionists” who fail or choose not to grasp these true scientific facts tell us to “Forget any idea that evolution is simple” and run to billions of years of human existence preceded by “chimpanzees” whose transitional phases have never been found.

Ultimately, any one bound by their “evolutionary” beliefs do not realize that information, or intelligent information which is miraculously stored in every living creature’s DNA, is impossible to “evolve” regardless how of many “billions of years” may take place.

By definition, Information is “the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence” (Merriam Webster, Dictionary, 2018).

Information does not evolve.

Knowledge and Information, is either derived (by someone, an already existing individual or a team of individuals) or it is intelligently created new starting with a conceptual design stage (Parra-Burgos, Fernandez-Pacheco, Canvas-Martinez, Nieto-Martinez, & Cañavate, 2018)

Another definition of Information is given as:

Data that is (1) accurate and timely, (2) specific and organized for a purpose, (3) presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance, and (4) can lead to an increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty. Information is valuable because it can affect behavior, a decision, or an outcome.

Intelligent information turns into “noise” when not properly transmitted and or designed.

Darwin's Finches Illustration

The different sized beaks in Darwin’s finches
Image from Wikimedia Commons, and is in Public Domain due to copyright expiration.

Evolution Dismantled journal summarized the issues: “We can conclude, despite the hype, that Darwin’s finches are a wonderful example of natural selection and variation, but not evolutionary change.”

Humans did not evolve; they were carefully designed by an information system that is accurately stored in their DNA.

CuencaHighLife, Sept 23, 2019. (The Last Utopia: How we fall into a climate crisis gap).