Google and others to fight “fake news”. Will need to start with themselves

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Google a hegemony, is one of the modern, digital, huge monopolies, which constantly publishes news that are not true or truly scientific weight.

The majority of news that Google publishes are discriminating against people with ideas of “Right Politics”. They have already proven with facts that Google wanted Hillary Clinton to win

Additionally, Democrats in the US and leftist politicians in the world already have the habit of publishing false news only to hurt those who do not align themselves with their ideologies. For example, a man named Christopher Blair, who passes himself off as “Busta Troll,” has written that, “He does not deny that he intentionally deceives people, but Blair says he does it for an unusual reason, because he is an unconditional democrat, a “liberal troll” with the mission to undermine the extreme right. “

Another article says about Google, “The leaked email from a Google executive revealed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News revealed the efforts to increase Latino participation before the 2016 presidential election and the executive’s” surprise “in Donald’s performance Trump among Latino voters.”

“This Google scandal is a bomb!” We are analyzing a whole series of possible violations of federal law (by Google) Apparently, there was an electoral collusion, after all, it just did not involve the Russians. “

So, how is Google going to fight fake news that they themselves sponsor and or make?

“Facebook, Google and other internet companies have pledged to apply voluntary measures to combat false news in the face of concerns that they may influence upcoming elections, the European Commission said on Wednesday.

With this decision, the technological groups would avoid the introduction of stricter regulation in this matter.

Facing the elections to the European Parliament in May next year, the EU’s executive arm wants to prevent foreign interference after accusations of meddling in the US presidential election and in the referendum in which the British voted in favor of leave the European Union.

Earlier this year, the Commission told the technology sector, including Facebook and Google, and the advertising industry, that it would draft a code of practice or face regulatory actions for, in its judgment, not having done enough. to remove deceptive or illegal content.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Mozilla and the advertisers responded with a series of measures, said Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner in digital matters.

“The industry is committing to a wide range of measures, from transparency in political advertising to the closing of false accounts and the demonetization of disinformation providers, and this is welcome,” he said in a statement.

Among the measures are a more detailed analysis of advertising in accounts and websites that disseminate false news, the rejection of payments from these sites, help users understand why they have been the target of specific advertisements, distinguish ads from content editorial and work with data verifiers to filter news. (I) “

Of Biblical and Creation based web portals

Please note that Google and other secular gateways to the Internet are not fond of Biblical or Creation based science news. Generally, they assign web sites with such news as “entertainment” or other derogatory type of classification.

Thus, it would not be surprising to see Google ban and or diminish the importance of such web portals in their concerted effort to classify news as “fake” and or “truthful”.

As with anything else in this era of hegemonies, all readers need to push back and sabotage Google and other monopolies into their proper place. Especially, if their consciences and or religious beliefs are being infringed upon.

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“Be careful what you search for… Google’s predictive questions can lead you down some dark roads.” Google, democracy and the truth about internet search,